TEAM TELEPHONE explanation animation

With the app from TeamPhone you can easily arrange your accessibility yourself. When a call is made to the team number, TeamPhone automatically forwards to the available team members. A solution that allows you to be optimally accessible as a team. This makes the ?pass-through phone? superfluous and the client always gets someone on the phone.

We were told by the client that healthcare providers don't feel like it and don't have the time to use difficult technology and apps. That is why it was at the top of the list that it should be clear that everyone can use the TeamTelephone app without difficulty. In addition, the application provides extra time that can now be spent on contact with clients. From those starting points we started with the concept and storyboard.

Team Phone



The aim was to clearly show what the functions of the app are and how to use them. We have translated the design of the app one-on-one into our illustrative 2d style. By incorporating texture into the app and making the buttons larger, the design has become recognizable while combining perfectly with the rest of the animation.

The different characters we created for the animation show that the app is accessible to every healthcare provider. The colors that team phone uses in their house style contribute to the cheerfulness of the characters. Because of the bright colors, the characters come into their own in this animation.