TeamTelefoon explanation animation

With the app from TeamTelefoon , you can easily manage your accessibility yourself. When someone calls the team number, TeamPhone automatically forwards the call to the accessible team members. This ensures optimal accessibility of the team and makes the 'pass-on phone' unnecessary. This way, the client always gets someone on the line. That's why we made this TeamPhone explanation animation.

From the client, we heard that caregivers don't have the time or inclination to use complicated technology and apps. Therefore, it's important that everyone can use the TeamPhone app without difficulty. This saves time that can now be spent on contact with clients.

To achieve this, we worked with TeamPhone to create an explanation animation that clearly shows how the app works. Click the button below for more information about creating an explanation animation by Dotolina.

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Storybaord TeamTelephone Explanation animation

Character Design

The goal was to clearly show the features of the app and how to use them. We translated the design of the app one-to-one into our illustrative 2D style. By incorporating texture into the app and making the buttons larger, the design has become recognizable while perfectly combining with the rest of the animation.

The different characters we created for the TeamPhone Explanation Animation show that the app is accessible to every caregiver. The colors that TeamPhone uses in their house style contribute to the cheerfulness of the characters. The bright colors make the characters stand out in this animation.