Pampers Animation

We are super excited to share our latest animation project for Pampers In this animation, we highlight the importance of web accessibility. Pampers understands the importance of providing everyone with a user-friendly experience, and we are extremely pleased that we were able to bring this vision to life. We have created an animation in which we show various situations in which people with disabilities may encounter obstacles on the web, and how these can be overcome with accessible design. Watch along and discover how accessibility can help everyone!


TBWA Paris

Characters Pampers Animation

With our Pampers animation , we show how small adjustments, such as alternative text for images and subtitles for videos, can make a website more accessible to everyone. By using cheerful and playful illustrations, we convey this important subject in an appealing and recognizable way. Working on this project was a great opportunity for us to use our creativity and storytelling talents for an important subject. We hope that our Pampers animation inspires and encourages more companies to prioritize accessibility in their digital design.heir digital design.