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MIND F*CK GYM Illustrations

We have made various animations & illustrations for the Mind F*ck Gym Academy. The Mind F*ck Gym Academy asked us to make catchy illustrations and animations that fit well with the concept. 

With the Mindf*ck Gym's mindset training you learn in a sober, practical and no-nonsense way to radically change/adapt your way of thinking and communicating in order to do things differently at this point in your life and take that next step. to take with confidence. Learning to manage your thoughts is the first step.

Mind F*ck Gym


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Middle finger
Measuring tape


The image of a brain doesn't immediately evoke great feelings of something tasty. The challenge for us was to give a brain a happy and fun personality. The brain had to radiate a good dose of enthusiasm. That is why we have opted for a brain with fine and clean colours. Within the brain we have used some differences in color tones that make it nice to look at. 

The bright colors we have have a certain freshness and tough look that fit the Mind F * ck Gym Academy. All animations have become loops that keep repeating. This means that the movements in the animations are made to repeat infinitely.

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