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For the Mind Fck Gym Academy, we made various animations & illustrations . The Mind F*ck Gym Academy requested catchy illustrations and animations that fit well with the concept. 

With the mindset training from the Mind F*ck Gym, you learn in a sober, practical, and no-nonsense way to radically change/adjust your way of thinking and communication to do things differently at this point in your life and to confidently take the next step. Learning to manage your thoughts is the first step.

As a studio , we often make brand illustrations. Click the link below to learn more about brand illustrations.

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Mind F*ck Gym


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GIFs and Brand Illustrations

The image of brains doesn't exactly evoke strong feelings of something appetizing. For us, the challenge was to give a set of brains a cheerful and fun personality. The brain had to exude a substantial dose of enthusiasm. Therefore, we chose a brain with pleasant and clean colors. Within the brain, we used some differences in color shades, making it pleasant to look at. That was important for these brand illustrations.

The bright colors we chose have a certain freshness and bold appearance that suit the Mind F*ck Gym Academy. All animations have become loops that keep repeating. This means that the movements in the animations are designed to repeat indefinitely, fitting well with these brand illustrations.

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