Lead Healthcare Illustrations

This year, we were asked by Lead Healthcare to develop an image bank with Lead Healthcare illustrations. Lead Healthcare looks at care through a medical and entrepreneurial lens. They believe that by doing things differently, faster, more pleasantly, and smarter, there is much to optimize. Together with the client, we brainstormed about the execution of the illustrations.

There are four branches under "Lead Healthcare". Namely; PharmaLead, Medilead, InterLead, and Covid Services. Each branch has a different color scheme that we took into account during the development of the image bank. To make each concept suitable for all brands, we adjusted both the color and the characters of the illustrations so that they fit in the style of the branches.

We had a lot of fun during the development of the image bank and we are proud of the Lead Healthcare illustrations we have made for Lead Healthcare. Branding illustrations Branding illustrations is something we often do in projects like this. 

Lead Healthcare


Sketch Lead Healthcare Illustrations