COVID-19 Explanation animation

Communicate your new COVID-19 measures with this COVID-19 explanation animation. That was our starting point for this animation that we made at the beginning of the corona pandemic. As a studio, we wanted to adapt as best as possible to the situation during this uncertain time. As far as we are concerned, good communication has never been more important than during this crisis. It is essential for companies to stay in touch with their customers and employees.

This COVID-19 explanation animation contains a style that companies and institutions could easily adopt and have us personalize. The personalization could consist of corporate identity implementation, logos or extra unique scenes. This saved a lot of time in the design phase. Normally we start each project from scratch and determine which style best suits a project depending on the assignment and the wishes of the client.

Personal Project

STORYBOARD for covid-19 explanation animation

Most importantly, we thought that the covid-19 explanation animation and illustration should contain good, clear and universal communication. There must of course be no confusion about measures and how they should be implemented. as a designer we also try to mix our own style in it. Something can be serious and look good at the same time. 

The characters we made for this project have a unique design and a friendly appearance. In the character design we have also chosen to keep it simple in this way we can easily make adjustments in the design for other applications. The bright colors provide contrast and direct the eye to the right place.


covid-19 explanation animation
covid-19 explanation animation
covid-19 explanation animation
covid-19 explanation animation

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