Care, Detox, Empower & Relate Illustraties 1

Care, Detox, Empower & Relate Illustrations

We had the opportunity to create some illustrations for our client, Dr. Christine Brähler, as headers for her new website. The idea behind these illustrations is to depict the process of her training, which is divided into four core steps, all of which are interconnected. The steps are:

CARE: Be Gentle with Yourself - Foundational training in self-compassion.
DETOX: Unburden Your Heart - Advanced training in dealing with shame, fear, loneliness, transgenerational burdens, etc.
EMPOWER: Reclaim Yourself - Advanced training that transforms powerlessness and anger in the face of harm and injustice into clarity, wisdom, strength, and action.
RELATE: Build Resilient Bonds - Advanced training in learning to relate in loving, empowered, and authentic ways.

Dr. Christine Brähler


Care, Detox, Empower & Relate Illustraties 2
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