Auteursrecht Animatie 1

Copyright Animation

Copyright Animation

Copyrights are property rights, in this animated film, made on behalf of Platform Creators, the basics of copyright are explained. This was animation one out two.

Much is said and written about copyright. Anyone who has an ?original work of literature, science or art? makes or wants to use, in principle has to do with the Copyright Act. Artists and producers have rights under the Neighboring Rights Act. But how does that actually work? We explain that in this Copyright Animation.

The client asked to make the design and animation for this Copyright Animation. The foundation has previously had animations made using a style of cut-out black and white photos.

We have elaborated on that idea and given the existing style a new look. In our design process we experimented with the use of color, composition and the complexity of the scenes. 

Voice over:
Monique van de Ven


Dick Maas


Audio Editing:
Joost Oskamp


Title design Platform Makers:

Platform Creators


Platform Makers: Ellie Speet and Erwin Angad Gaur 


Wouter Sessink, Dotolina


Esme Lammers 

Sketches Copyright Animation

Character design

We decided to give the scenes a central composition that separates the scenes from the edges of the image for this Copyright Animation. This makes each scene feel like separate images. We used different textures throughout the animation. This gives the animation more spice and its unique style.